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AC Maintenance: Preventative Care For Cooling Equipment Upkeep

Ac maintenance

Looking for a way to keep the summertime blues at bay? Keep your cool with annual AC maintenance in Yorkville from CTC Heating and Cooling. We will help you save money by keeping your HVAC running at its best, even on the hottest days of summer.

Nothing is worse than feeling warm air come from your vents in July. While it may feel like your HVAC quit out of nowhere, chances are regular maintenance could prevent AC failure and the need for expensive AC repair. Keep your AC running great all summer long and save money with AC maintenance from CTC Heating and Cooling.

Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

What is involved in an air conditioner tune-up? We're glad you asked. Although they can include simple tasks like changing filters (which we recommend homeowners do each month), they also involve complicated tasks that only a licensed HVAC should attempt.

Our technicians will work to clean the condenser and evaporator coils - increasing air flow to your unit. We'll also evaluate the status of belts on any belt-driven system. We'll also take a close look at the voltages and amperages of the fan and blower motors and check electric connections along the way.

We also take time to make sure your thermostat is working correctly. Sometimes a thermostat may need to be recalibrated in order for it to function properly. No details are too small for our AC maintenance service.

Save Money With Regular AC Maintenance

While spending money on what seems like a perfectly working AC unit may seem counterproductive, we're here to tell you how much money you can save with this inexpensive service. Regular AC maintenance will help technicians find small problems or repair issues before they become massive and much more expensive. It is much easier to replace a belt that is wearing out than one that's broken and knocked something else loose in the process.

Regular AC maintenance will help your HVAC unit to perform much more efficiently. So much so that your energy bills are less likely to jump as much in the dog days of summer than those that aren't serviced. Clean ACs don't have to work nearly as hard to produce or move cold air compared to dusty and clogged ones.

Lastly, AC maintenance will help keep your unit in good shape for the transition back to cold weather. With regular inspections from your friends at CTC Heating and Cooling, we can help reduce the need for heater repair in Yorkville when the temperature drops in the fall.

Don't be caught off guard by warmer weather. Call CTC Heating and Cooling at 630-361-3681 to schedule AC maintenance for your home today.

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